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A Private PreK - 12 College Preparatory Catholic School

High School
Ninth Grade - Twelfth Grade

The high school years require an academically rich and formative environment for successful preparation for college and-- more importantly-- for life.

As your son or daughter prepares for the transition to college and adulthood, engagement with a challenging and enriching curriculum, along with participation in varied athletic, service, and extra-curricular activities becomes essential.

Each of our academic departments and programs will present your child with multiple approaches to learning in order to master the skills necessary for challenging collegiate programs. The Highlands accomplishes this in an atmosphere that supports, teaches, and demands individual responsibility, critical thinking, and internalized discipline. Our athletic program develops our students into genuine scholar-athletes by providing students with the opportunity to learn valuable lessons in teamwork, accountability, effort, and discipline in the context of healthy competition. Our fine arts program provides students an opportunity to appreciate and express themselves through music, drama, and the visual arts.


Our English Department is dedicated to improving our students’ ability to think logically and express their thoughts clearly. Teachers not only prepare our students for distinguished achievement in college, but also encourage a deeper appreciation for the elegant science and beauty of rhetoric. The English Department provides a strong grammatical foundation in the ninth grade, and builds upon this foundation throughout the high school years in order to hone our students’ communication skills. The high school curriculum develops moral and ethical awareness through study of classical and contemporary literature. We challenge our students to become critical and discerning readers, who also engage in independent research and develop their own ideas and positions.


In Math, we strive to develop a strong foundation in computational, analytical, and reasoning skills in our students. Our teachers recognize the ever-increasing role of facilitating the mathematic education of our students. Beginning either with Algebra or Geometry in ninth grade, our high school program challenges our students through four years of a traditional mathematical curriculum, with the potential for advanced placement calculus.


The theology department is rooted in the determination to develop a faith that is actively discerning and demonstrative. It is structured to form our students into responsible Christian men and women, who are committed to Jesus Christ. With courses ranging from church history to sacred scripture, to moral theology.  Our theology program provides students with the requisite knowledge required to develop an informed understanding of the Catholic faith, while extending an invitation for all to share in the truth of Christ.


Students will develop and apply the fundamental skills of scientific thinking and problem solving to a variety of sciences. The program seeks to help our students develop proficiency in scientific skills and procedures, while encouraging reflection on related scientific ethics and moral codes.  Our teachers foster a student’s ability to think as well as communicate in scientific and technological terms, exhibit proficiency in gathering and using research, and develop critical response skills to be utilized in everyday life.

Social Studies

Our social studies curriculum prepares students to face the challenges of the world as future Christian leaders. In these courses, our students will understand complex connections to the past, comprehend their context, recognize the commonality of people across time, and appreciate the delicate balance of rights and responsibilities in a democratic society. Our students develop the habits of thoughtful analysis, problem solving, and reflective thinking necessary to lead a successful life in a complex world.

Foreign Language

In foreign language, your child will have the opportunity to pursue the study of Spanish or Latin. Through exposure to other cultures, our students come to appreciate the beauty of diversity and the creativity and tenacity of humanity. Our students learn to articulate themselves in a foreign language with poised elocution and diplomacy, while examining the universal and eternal questions posed in both modern and ancient, primary texts. 

Fine Arts

Probably more than any other form of expression, the performing and visual arts transcend all social and economic barriers. Education in the arts is an invaluable tool for building creativity in young people and fostering transformative leadership.  The students learn to examine, create, and appreciate installations with a new attentiveness to historical, theoretical, and aesthetical contexts. The Highlands School offers drawing, painting, sculpture, 2-D and 3-D design techniques, and our performing arts recent productions have included The Importance of Being Earnest, Little Women, Mary Poppins, The Music Man and Beauty and the Beast.

Academic Support Period

Four days a week, from 3:20 to 4:00pm, all students attend academic support period.  Teachers provide supervision and support for all students in a study hall type setting.  This time gives students the one-on-one support needed for success, to have questions answered and begin homework in a supervised setting.  Teachers are able to check in with students and provide them with individual assistance as needed.