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A Private PreK - 12 College Preparatory Catholic School

Middle School

Sixth Grade - Eighth Grade

The middle school years, coming at the onset of adolescence, are a time when rigorous, yet formative, environment is crucial for your child.

During the middle school years the habits and skills your child has acquired during previous grades come to fruition. Also during these crucial years, the values and habits that form the foundation of your child’s adult character begin to take shape.

The Middle School at The Highlands School uses an approach that cultivates the skills needed for high school in an atmosphere that supports, teaches and demands individual responsibility, critical thinking and internalized discipline. The combination of a balanced and academically challenging curriculum, as well as a formative environment, helps prepare well-rounded individuals for a demanding college-prep high school program.

Language Arts

In language arts, your child will be challenged not only to discern what is being communicated, but also to engage in it and truly begin the work of independent thinking and communication, both in written work and oral presentations. In addition, students will be challenged to begin appreciating classic literature as a critical reader; to engage in independent and systematic research; and to truly sustain and develop the students' own ideas and positions.


In mathematics, all students pursue a track that completes the concepts and skills of algebra in eighth grade in order to begin high school with geometry. In addition, mathematics will be used to develop the skills of systematic and abstract reasoning.


In science, students will begin the study of specific disciplines, studying Earth, life and physical science in grades sixth through eighth. As the students begin these specific studies, they will continue to develop and apply the fundamental skills of scientific thinking and problem solving to each discipline.

History and Geography

Our history and geography curriculum will prepare students to face the challenges of the world as a future Christian leader. As the students study Texas and U.S. History, success is measured by the level at which they demonstrates the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values necessary to participate in and contribute to local communities, the nation, and the world. Through the study of history, students will understand complex connections to the past, comprehend their context, and recognize the commonality of people across time.  They will appreciate the delicate balance of rights and responsibilities in a democratic society, and develop the habits of thoughtful analysis, problem solving, and reflective thinking necessary to lead a successful life in a very complex world. This program will prepare your child to demonstrate love, compassion, and charity built upon the understanding of the community, the nation, and the world.

Foreign Language

The Highlands School offers foreign language in 4th – 12th grades to enhance overall language skills acquisition in preparation for college.  Through exposure to the languages of other peoples, our students come to appreciate the beauty of diversity and the creativity and richness of human culture. Our students learn to articulate ideas and concepts in a foreign language with poised elocution and diplomacy, while examining the universal and eternal questions posed in both modern and ancient, primary texts.

In Middle School our students will learn Classical Latin and develop an understanding of Roman Civilization using the Cambridge Latin Courses 1 and 2. This is a reading-based text with the purpose of developing students’ ability to read and use Latin. Grammar is learned, not as an end in itself, but as it is needed for a purpose in reading. As the student reads stories, questions about grammar will arise and be answered as they are encountered.

Fine Arts

The Highlands School offers a robust fine arts program including visual arts and performing arts.  Sixth through eight grade students will continue creating various works of art.  Additionally, students have the opportunity to compete in dramatic monologue, poetry interpretation, storytelling, improvisation and skits.


Through all of these disciplines, you will find your child developing an easy, comfortable and varied ability to enhance their learning and communication through the integrated use of technology throughout all classes.  Students will regularly use iPads to access class information online and to complete supplementary learning activities in several subject areas. 

Academic Support Period

Four days a week, from 3:20 to 4:00 pm, all students attend academic support period.  Teachers provide supervision and support for all students in a study hall type setting.  This time gives students the one-on-one support needed for success,  to have questions answered and begin homework in a supervised setting.  Teachers are able to check in with students and provide them with individual assistance as needed.