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The Highland School Alumni Board welcomes you to the first official THS Alumni website, a new way to connect with your alma mater. We hope you always remember the years spent at The Highlands THS and never forget the relationships you made during your time there. This site will help the Alumni Association grow, stay connected with other alumni, and find out about upcoming alumni events. Also, it’s great to learn how the school has benefited from your presence there and developed since you graduated. Please take a moment to update your THS Alumni profile and contact information by clicking on the “Update Contact Info” link.

Supporting Study Habits

January 20, 2017
By Toni Seeton

January 20th, 2017

A Weekly One Minute Topic To Ignite Reflection

     The Spark is a weekly communication, from our administration, with features and website links for you. We want you to be connected with the THS formation program that we teach here and be provided with information to help you protect and guide your children on their journey to adulthood. Topics include internet safety, safe social media practices, discipline, etiquette, and many more! These aids will assist you as a parent to stay informed about best practices for your child's safety and welfare, and their spiritual growth.

Supporting Study Habits 

Dear Parents,

     Strong, solid study skills are the keys to academic success. As a parent, you play a critical role-in partnership with teachers-in helping your student strengthen these skills so that they become daily habits and part of a student's academic modus operandi that will lead to deeper learning, improved grades, and less stress! The attached questionnaire, which can be found HERE, will guide you through different aspects of a student's overall academic responsibilities to assess your student's current habits and to open a dialogue with your students about areas to improve. As well, the link to the website Study Guides and Strategies, found HERE, will provide practical suggestions for strengthening study skills. 

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1/20/17 - By Toni Seeton