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A Private PreK - 12 College Preparatory Catholic School

Blazer Athletics

Steve Wright
Director of Athletics

Welcome to Blazer Athletics! The Blazers have a longstanding history of excellence in athletics, both at the varsity level and in our Middle School…and the tradition continues! Blazer athletes have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports at multiple levels of competition and our success speaks for itself - championships, state tournaments, playoffs - all of them speak to the quality of the program. At The Highlands there is a belief that there is a sport for everyone and we actively promote participation.

The school is blessed to have an exciting roster of coaches that are not only deep in the knowledge of their sport, but dedicated to the formation of Christian athletes. The quality of the Blazer coaching staff enables The Highlands to structure athletics on two key building blocks. The first is a concerted effort to implement a program approach to all our sports.  Varsity coaches at The Highlands are asked to design age-appropriate skill development programs for implementation all the way down to our 5th grade teams, which is our youngest level for competitive sports. These programs are intended to be progressive in nature so that by the time a student athlete reaches high school, they are well prepared to join our varsity system. 

The second building block is the intentional and strategic infusion of formation into Blazer athletics. The Highlands athletic program emphasizes the development of virtues with the intent of forming young men and women of strength and character. Blazer coaches believe that not only do they have the opportunity to develop the athletic skill level of their teams, but also the opportunity to train them in lessons of virtue. Ultimately, these lessons translate into opportunity - the opportunity to be a lifelong witness to the Gospel message of Christ.

The Highlands is a Catholic institution and, inevitably, there in the limelight of competition, others are watching what our athletes say and what they do; and in some cases they are judging Christianity based on our behavior. So, while Blazer teams want to win as much as any other school it is important to remember who they represent and that they ultimately compete with grace.

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