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A Private PreK - 12 College Preparatory Catholic School

Summer Enrichment

During the summer a variety of academic and spiritual opportunities are available for students. 

Summer Enrichment
PreK – K 

Summer workshops are offered in a three week half day format for PK - K students.  Opportunities are provided to strengthen math, phonics, reading, and fine motor skills through fun, hands-on games and activities.  Daily activities in art, crafts or music are integrated into the workshop.  

First - Fifth Grade

Summer workshops are offered in a two week, half day format for first - fifth grade students.  Engaging activities provide opportunites to reinforce math reasoning and computation skills as well as reading comprehension, and composition. 

Conquest / Challenge camps

Each summer students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities.  They will enjoy prayer and spiritual growth through participation at Mass and Confession.  Sports, games, workshops, team dynamics and a variety of fun and exciting activities await students each summer. 

Dates for Summer 2017 are:
  • June 11-16 Conquest summer camp for boys 10 yrs and up, will be held at Camp El Har, Dallas
  • June 11-17 Challenge summer camp for girls 10 yrs and up will be held at Camp Cho-Yeh, Livingston
  • June 19 - 23 The Highlands Day Camp:  boys 6-12 yrs old (at The Highlands School 9am – 5pm each day)
  • June 25 – July 1st Regional Conquest Camp Texas for boys 10yrs and up will be held at Camp Cho-Yeh, Livingston

Vacation Bible School       

Traditionally, Vaction Bible School is held every other year (odd years).  Older students serve in various leadership roles along side our parents and create an exciting week for our younger students.  The program runs 9:30am to 2:30pm for one week in the early summer.

An example of a previous summer theme is "Win the World for Jesus!" Kids became missionaries in the Church as they learned zeal for souls. Each day they got on an expedition with one of the saints who brought the love of Jesus and the Church to the New World. They traveled North and South America, became a pioneer of the U.S., traveled the seas of the South Pacific and explored Mexico.  Each new land was visited with a famous saint!   

If you've never participated before than this is a week you won't want to miss!

Our theme this year is Summertime Blast! With a focus on Jesus in the Eucharist.

The program teaches the kids incredible truths of our Catholic faith. Your children will learn about saints, virtues, sacraments, and doctrine, all through music, games, snacks and FUN!

This is a volunteer driven activity; please contact Rheannon Werner if you would like to participate or if you have questions!

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