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A Private PreK - 12 College Preparatory Catholic School

Annual Fund Support

Annual Fund Drive

The Annual Fund Drive is the largest single appeal to our entire community in support of The Highland School.  The Highlands will kick-off our Annual Fund Drive in-conjunction with North Texas Giving Day on September 14, 2017 and continue through June 2018. 

The Highlands School is not subsidized by any government or church organization.  As with most private schools and colleges in the country, tuition alone does not cover the full cost of educating a student at The Highlands.  We strive to keep tuition at an affordable level while continuing our mission of providing a quality Catholic education.  Tuition and fees cover approximately 89% of the actual cost for each student.  Charitable gifts fulfill the remaining balance, which in turn directly benefit each student by supporting and enriching all aspects of The Highlands School experience.  From innovative academic programming, to meaningful spiritual formation activities, to athletics, arts and even our financial assistance program, your philanthropy is essential to advancing our mission. 

Donors to the Annual Fund Drive may give a one-time donation or make monthly installments throughout the school year.

North Texas Giving Day

The Highlands School kicks-off our Annual Fund Drive September 14, 2017 on North Texas Giving Day.  Giving to The Highlands on this one day amplifies your gift through bonuses we are eligible to receive from The Communities Foundation of Texas for gifts over $25.  By donating on this one day, we can maximize our goal potential for the yearly Annual Fund Drive. 

This past year, North Texas Giving Day was a huge success with 290 donations made on this one day totaling $219,720.  In addition, with 100% participation, we had a very generous donor who gifted the school an additional $25,000!  It was an exciting day for the community.  Thank you for your support!

Appreciated Stock

Gifts of appreciated stock do not incur a tax liability. Donors are entitled to an income tax charitable deduction for the full fair market value of appreciated securities that have been held for at least one year. No capital gains tax is paid on the transfer of the stock. For questions regarding appreciated stock gifts, please contact the business office.

Monthly Contributions

We continue accepting gifts and pledges to the Annual Fund Drive throughout the year.  Donations can be made to the school at any time or even set up monthly contributions either online or by mailing in a check.  If you are interested in donating monthly to The Highlands School the best way to set this process up is to schedule an e-check through your bank.  If you have any questions about setting this up, please contact Jennifer Denney, or 972-554-1980, ext. 262. 

The Highlands School is a qualified nonprofit under IRS code 501(c) (3).  We appreciate and need the generosity of our donors to support our Annual Fund Drive.  Your gift in any amount is greatly appreciated!