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Our Mission


Our Motto: Education to face the world, formation to change it in a diverse community!

The mission of The Highlands School is the formation of Christian leaders who will transform society.  

We follow the Integral Formation® educational philosophy of Regnum Christi Education, which strives to develop the spiritual, intellectual, human, and apostolic dimensions of the whole person.  Integral Formation® is a comprehensive method and practice of teaching for developing authentic Catholic leaders in schools worldwide. Based on the Christian view of the person, it focuses on the complete development of all dimensions of the person: intellectual, human, spiritual, and apostolic.

We challenge our students to identify and use their gifts in service to others.  Recognizing the parent as the primary educator of the child, our mission embraces the entire family.  We provide a safe, moral, and spiritual environment which leads to positive peer groups and joyful, caring, confident students. 

It is summed up in the motto of our mission: To Teach, To Educate, To Form.

To Teach: informing the mind, transmitting knowledge

To Educate: cultivating the heart to love authentic values and a sense of what is good, just, and beautiful

To Form: forging the will and shaping character in virtue as a basis for integrity


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