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Education Philosophy

Education to face the world, formation to change it!

The mission of The Highlands School is the formation of Christian leaders who will transform society.  We follow the Integral Formation® educational philosophy of Regnum Christi Education, which strives to develop the intellectual, spiritual, character, and apostolic dimensions of the whole person.  Integral Formation® is a comprehensive method and practice of teaching for developing authentic Catholic leaders in Regnum Christi schools worldwide. The Highlands School cares deeply about our students and our school exists to collaborate with parents in helping them grow into the person God intends them to be.  Our dedicated Formation Leadership Team of priests and consecrated offer one on one student advisory sessions, weekly Sacrament of Reconciliation, daily mass, lead students on mission trips, middle, and high school retreats, host formation talks using an assembly model or in-class sessions which address age-related or gender-specific topics.  All teachers and staff work alongside the formation team offering an integral and integrated formative experience for students, both within and outside of the classroom. 

In collaboration with our dynamic teaching faculty, we implement this formative approach through formation goals by grade level to help all of our students to better experience Integral Formation®, and thus provide a clearer picture of how virtue and character are lived throughout their daily lives, in all of their activities.  The Highlands School’s Formation Leadership Team remains absolutely committed to the mission of the Highlands: the delivery of Integral Formation® to students and teachers, to meet each child where they are at and assist them on their journey “to the fullness of Christ’s stature.”


A student's mind is formed in the discovery of what is True. Your child will be encouraged to exercise each facet of his intellect through analysis, synthesis, relation, and expression. At The Highlands School, we educate students to have the mind of a leader: one who not only discovers Truth but can also communicate, convince, and lead others to the Truth.


Spiritual Formation provides the opportunities for a child to develop a close and personal relationship with God. This occurs in a spiritual environment that encourages the life of grace through daily prayer and practice of virtues, opportunities for sacraments, and theology classes that study the fullness of Catholic faith in all its richness. 


Character Formation focuses on forging integrity, which is the foundation of joy. This is done through developing leadership skills, forming habits of virtue, and fostering personal responsibility and convictions. Human formation is intended to make your child a man or woman of principle, a true leader, an asset for today, and a necessity for the world of tomorrow. 


Apostolic Formation is being an apostle for Christ. Apostolic formation at The Highlands School means fostering a noble and generous heart towards God and others. As apostles for Christ we respond to the spiritual and human needs of others and inspire them to do the same.

The Highlands School is a member of Regnum Christi Education, a global network of over 1,000 schools with 7 located within the United States. A Regnum Christi school is a Christ-centered educational community of excellence, focused on the integral formation of its students, offering an experience of joy that comes from encountering Christ and becoming apostles eager to exercise their Christian leadership with a spirit of mission, helping the Church build Christ’s Kingdom, impact culture and transform society. The Highlands has a staff of 8 religious men and women whose focus is the personalized character and spiritual development of each student. We have a clear and enthusiastic Catholic identity, yet lived in a way that families from other faiths feel at home.  We incorporate the truth about who God is and how we should relate to Him and to each other in our daily lives at school.