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High School
Ninth Grade - Twelfth Grade

The high school years, framing the transition into adulthood, require an academically rich and formative environment. This leads to successful preparation for college and, most importantly, for life.

A well-rounded student preparing for college success, professional, and family life requires a challenging high school program of studies in the humanities, math and sciences, and the arts along with opportunities in athletics and extracurriculars that develop character through personal effort, self-discipline, spirited competition, and dedication to teamwork.

But as St. Paul says to the Corinthians, we are to “have the mind of Christ.”  Academic rigor and critical thinking are preceded, therefore, by conviction about Truth—natural and revealed—in our relationships with God, with others, and with our own selves. In History, Literature, or Theology, students study the human person in his relationships: in political societies and economies, within the Church, and within family.  We ask the great teachers of our Christian civilization to shape our conversations and guide us along the way: Shakespeare, St. Augustine, St. John Paul II, Plato, the Gospel evangelists, St. Paul and so many others.  Using mathematics and the tools of both life and physical sciences, we study God’s material order.  In humanities and sciences, students can achieve college credit through Advanced Placement (AP) courses such as English, Spanish, Latin, US History, Psychology, Calculus, Anatomy and Physiology among others.

Students do not take this learning journey alone.  Academic Support is available after school four days a week from classroom teachers for students who want assistance with their study.  The College Counseling program begins freshman year helping students gain personal insight into their strengths and talents to help them plan a course of high school studies and activities that will form the foundation of their college resumés. It continues in sophomore and junior year with exploration of universities and preparation for PSAT and the possibility of being a National Merit Scholar; each year 5-10% of The Highlands rising seniors receive National Merit honors by scoring in the top 5% in the nation.   

Our program serves our apostolic mission of forming Catholic leaders. High school students have opportunities to live the Gospel in service to others on local and international mission trips, as witnesses to the life of the unborn, and as workers in a kitchen serving food to those who have none.  Our students are supported in faith by weekly Mass, daily optional Communion services, spiritual retreats, and regular opportunities for the sacrament of Reconciliation.  Our formation team of priests, seminarians, and consecrated women are available to the students at any time during the day.

  • Class of 2020, National Merit Semi-Finalist, many National Merit Award Winners over the years
  • Class of 2020 Over $2.8 Million Awarded College Scholarships ~$95,000 per student
  • Current ACT: Average: Top 15th % Nationally, 100% of tested students “College Ready” in English
  • Current SAT: THS Avg 200 points above nation – top THS scorers 400 to 500 points above nation
  • 7 Masses per week 
  • Over 5,300 hours per year accompanying students on mission trips and retreats
  • Over 1,600 hours per year in one-on-one Advisory Period with the students
  • Monthly All-Day Adoration
  • Weekly Confessions
  • High School Led Music Ministry
  • Campus-wide Eucharistic Procession
  • Over 27 State/District Championships
  • 80% of High School Students Participate in Sports, Over 50% Play Multiple Sports
  • Virtue-led Coaching


We believe that in the formation of the full person, opportunities to build skills and foster talents should be provided inside and outside of the classroom.  We strive to offer opportunities for our students to grow in faith, academics and as individuals. 

Altar Servers
Band & Concert Band
Clash of the Classes
Conquest / Challenge Team Leadership
Fall One Act Play
Guitar Club
Holy Week Missions
Music Ministry
Mission Trips: Domestic & International
National Honor Society
National Spanish Honor Society
National Latin Exam Honors
National Spanish Exam Honors
Prom Committee
Pro-Life Club
Spring Musical
Student Ambassadors
Student Council
Talent Show
Theology Bowl
Participation in TAPPS Athletics:
Track and Field