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Middle School

Sixth Grade - Eighth Grade

The middle school years, coming at the onset of adolescence, are a time when rigorous, yet informative, environment is crucial for your child.

The Highlands School curriculum prepares middle school students for the academic demands of college preparatory and Advanced Placement® or AP® high school achievement in a variety of disciplines in both the arts and sciences.  More than this, however, our integrated History, Literature, and Religion studies lay the foundation for a student’s knowledge of and affection for the great men and women of the Christian West from ancient cultures and the stories of the Old Testament through the work of the Church, the saints, and the literature of authors and poets over two thousand years from the birth of Christ to 21st century America.

Students master the details of English grammar and develop writing skills using the Institute for Excellence in Writing® program.  Study of Classical Latin enhances English language skill acquisition including support for vocabulary development. Reading comprehension instruction focuses on a broad group of skills supported by the study of novels, poetry, short stories and drama chosen from among the classics: Shakespeare, Poe, Dickens, Frost, Dickinson and more. Comprehension skills are enhanced through the promotion of quarterly individual student independent reading goals using Renaissance Reading’s® web-based tracking and reporting program called Accelerated Reader®. Reading Comprehension progress is evaluated quarterly using Renaissance’s Star Reading® assessment that helps teachers and parents know their child is growing quarter to quarter in reading skills.

High school modern language begins with a high school credit in Spanish I, Pre-AP Spanish or Latin I in eighth grade. Students continue mastering math calculation skills and concepts using both classroom and web-based daily practice support taking Honors High School Algebra I during their eighth-grade year. Each year sixth to eighth grade students learn basic science concepts through classroom demonstrations, labs, and an annual investigative report. Our middle school students participate in a robust fine arts program that includes visual arts and performing arts. 

Four days a week, from 3:20 to 4:00 pm, students can attend Academic Support. Teachers provide individual support for all students in a study hall type setting. This time gives students the one-on-one help needed for success, to have questions answered, and begin homework in a supervised setting.

For their spiritual formation, students attend Mass weekly, have daily communion service, yearly retreats, and regular opportunities for the sacrament of Reconciliation. Our formation team of priests, seminarians, and consecrated women are available to the students at any time during the day.


We believe that in the formation of the whole person, opportunities to build skills and foster talents are provided inside and outside the classroom.  We strive to offer opportunities for our students to grow in faith, academics and as unique individuals.

Altar Servers
Band & Concert Band
Clash of Classes
Challenge Girls Formation Team
Conquest Boys Formation Team
Dancing Classrooms
Diocesan Speech and Drama Club
Field Day
International Students
Junior Ambassadors
Science Fair
Spelling Bee
Theology Bowl
Participation in Dallas Parochial League:
Softball / Baseball
Track and Field