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For Children Ages 3 and 4

The Highlands School recognizes that each child is a gift from God. As such, we strive to instill virtues, academic and character formation in a developmentally appropriate way to provide a strong foundation for Christian leadership skills to grow. Our Pre-Kindergarten (PK3 / PK4) program has high academic standards but is flexible to meet the needs of each child at his or her developmental stage. We also incorporate adapted Montessori instruction to teach practical life skills such as pouring, washing, cleaning, and polishing.

The curriculum also seeks to develop their fine motor skills to enhance the manual dexterity necessary for activities such as cutting and writing. We also offer physical education, music, and library visits each week. Students engage in arts and crafts, dramatic play, and hands-on learning. Students utilize outdoor play several times a day to enhance their gross motor and social skills. PK4 students participate in public speaking events such as All Saint's Day and our nativity program during the Advent season. We teach students the importance of giving by collecting socks, scarves, and coats for the poor as an apostolic project. Students attend Mass weekly.  In this distinctive learning environment at The Highlands School, students know they are safe and loved, and thus feel secure enough to begin—even at age 3—to explore and gain self-confidence in their God-given talents. It is the perfect entry point to prepare for the rigorous academic life that leads to being a successful Highlands graduate.

Our PK program offers classes for children ages three to five. Children must be age 3 by September 1st to be enrolled in our Pre Kindergarten program. Respectively, our Kindergarten students must be age 5 by September 1st.

Our curriculum includes, but is not limited to:

Catholic Formation- attributes of God, love of Jesus, Old and New Testament Bible stories, and liturgical events/holidays

* Language Arts- letter recognition/phonics, beginning reading skills, speaking/listening skills, handwriting, and sentence structure

Math- number recognition/concepts, shapes, counting concepts, beginning addition/subtraction, fractions, time, money, and calendar concepts

Science- space, earth science/plants, water, life science/animals, and concepts of the scientific process

Social Studies- historical figures, patriotic themes, and geography

Technology- integrated use of iPad and interactive whiteboards

Visit our curriculum page for videos highlighting our program!