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Thank you for taking the next step to becoming a student at The Highlands. Our international students are an asset to our community and find The Highlands School an engaging community.  We welcome a limited number of students in each grade from across the globe who meet our admissions criteria.  Our admissions process varies for international students.  Applicants seeking to graduate high school from The Highlands School will need to be sure all coursework aligns with graduation requirements.  International applicants should contact the Admissions Office for further information on the International Student application process.  Our application process can be found here

More Details:

International students are welcome to spend a year or longer with us.  Students must have a good grasp of the English language and be strong students.  Applicants need to contact the Admissions Office for further information on the application process.   Our application process can be found here.

English Proficiency Exam

All applicants must be proficient in English.  Often, our international students need additional tutoring in English to be successful in school.  This tutoring, if required, is the financial responsibility of the parents.  To assess the applicant’s proficiency of the English language, all are required to take the appropriate TOEFL exam.  These are offered around the globe.  Results must be submitted to The Highlands as part of the admissions decision.
          TOEFL Primary                   TOEFL Jr.                    TOEFL

VISA and I-20

Applicants are responsible for obtaining a VISA to attend school in the United States.  Once an admission offer is accepted by the family, and they have enrolled and paid all fees, The Highlands School will issue an I-20 to the student.  All travel during the year must be submitted to the school 30-days prior to travel plans.

Health Insurance

Admitted international students are responsible for obtaining their own health insurance for their time in the United States.  

Host Families

The Highlands School will provide a host family for a student.  The host family and international student family must sign the host agreement.  Any payments ($1,000 per month) for host services are made directly to the host family and not The Highlands School. 

Tuition for the 2021-2022 School Year

PreK 3 & PreK 4                              $ 10,900
Kindergarten – 5th Grade             $ 11,900
6th Grade – 8th Grade                   $ 12,500
9th Grade – 12th Grade                 $ 16,250

International Students            $ 5,000             Due within 10 days of enrollment along with full tuition.


Re-enrollment Fee:  $100 per student ($300 Family Cap)
Technology Fee:  $200 per student (7th-12th Grade Only, due August 11th)

Graduation (if applicable)         $ 350              Due July 1st