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Lower School

We believe that in the formation of the full person, opportunities to build skills and foster talents should be provided inside and outside of the classroom.  We strive to offer opportunities for our students to grow in faith, academics and as individuals. 


  • Precious Pearls Virtue Program
  • Formation
  • Apostolic class projects
  • Cherub Choir
  • Drama-Musicals
  • Nativity  and Christmas Sing Along
  • Math Club
  • Altar Servers
  • Field Days
  • Field Trips

Academic Competitions

  • Accelerated Reader Bingo Bash
  • Spelling Bees
  • Math Competition
  • Prose and Poetry Contest
  • Private Schools Interscholastic Competition  - We rank in the top 10 in Texas
  • Thanksgiving Square Writing Competition
  • DCATS - DeBusk Enrichment Center for Academically Talented Students (3rd - 5th summer program)

Grade level Public Speaking Events 

  • Thanksgiving/Nativity Plays (PreK-3)
  • Nativity Play/Q&U Wedding (PreK-4)
  • Grandparents Day/End of Year Program (Kindergarten)
  • Readers Restaurant (Grade 1)
  • Living Museum of History (Grade 2)
  • Science Fair (Grade 3)
  • Texas Museum (Grade 4)
  • We Love Shakespeare (Grade 5)

End of year Awards

  • Perfect Attendance
  • Athlete Award
  • Friendship Award
  • Leadership Award
  • Apostleship Award
  • Principal's Award for Academic Excellence
  • President's Award for Educational Excellence
  • Semper Altius Award
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