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Musical Registration

Registration and auditions sign up now open for students in grades 7-12

Here’s what you need to register:
1.  A credit card
2.  Your student’s schedule so that you can inform of rehearsal conflicts
3.  Your students 350 character bio which will be used in the show program.   

Follow these steps:  

Step 1

Download and read the Parent and Student Production Handbook.  This manual gives you all the information about the production, crew information,  and audition requirements including audition monologues, song suggestions and what will happen during auditions. 

Step 2

Register and Pay below.

Step 3 (Cast Only)

Sign up for your audition time slot.  Auditions are January 16 from 9:30-11:00 AM in the Music Room.   Each student selects a 15 minute audition time. After they have completed their audition, they must leave.   Call backs are from 12:00 - 2:00 PM.  Be prepared to attend call backs the entire time.  Students will be notified by 11:30 AM if they are called back.  Make a plan to stay local.  There is no lingering allowed inside buildings due to COVID safety.  Masks are required. 

Step 4 (Cast Only)

Upload your 1-minute audition song.  

You will need to find the Karaoke or instrumental version of your song, preferably as an MP3 or iTunes.  Apple iTunes has many Karaoke options for musical and Disney songs.  Or you can find them on the following websites:
These songs have instrumentation that is similar to what you hear in the play or movie.  The good thing about this option is that you may be able to adjust the key. That can be very helpful for your audition!
This website offers the melody version and the piano version of many songs.  It also allows you to adjust the key.  

The prices of the songs are very minimal.  Once you download the song into the MP3 version, then you will be able to cut it down to the 1 minute audition requirement using an app like Garage Band.  

For information on how to cut your audition song music, watch this instructional video created by director, Tyler Hutchinson.  If you need any help to select your audition song, please see Mrs. Payne, THS Music Teacher.  If you need help cutting and uploading your audition song, please contact Mrs. Le Leux at

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