Pre-K3 through 12th grade Co-ed Catholic College Preparatory School


The Highlands School is a Regnum Christi Catholic school energized by our passion for Jesus Christ, and a desire to reach and teach the youth in our care.  Excellence in education – both academic and spiritual – is our goal. The Highlands School is like a family, animated by our love for God, for Mary the mother of Jesus, for the Church, and for our neighbors.

Our community is enriched by the presence of our team of Legionary priests and Consecrated women of Regnum Christi, many of whom live and serve on campus every day. These dedicated men and women serve alongside our teachers and staff as leaders, role models, encouragers, and friends for our students.

Spiritual formation is central to life at The Highlands School.  Priests and consecrated women find ways to speak into the lives of students and parents whether it be at school events, play ground time or at the end of a long day of classes; and coaches model Christian virtues on the playing fields and courts.  Students have the privilege of attending all-school mass, or slipping into the chapel for some time alone with God.



We do this through apostolic activities, availability of the sacraments, special events, class retreats, and personal relationships. These opportunities foster spiritual growth, build community, and strengthen faith in Christ.

All this is at the heart of what sets The Highlands School apart.  At the core of our community life you will find our faith in Christ, and our commitment to raising up young men and women of integrity and character who will transform society.  We are a community where families are celebrated, students are challenged, and faith is lived.
Our team of Legionary priests, and Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi are instrumental in serving as role models, spiritual mentors, intercessors, and friends for THS students, faculty, staff, and families.  Ultimately, the role of the Formation Leadership Team is to ensure that our students are protected through prayer, supported in faith, and sent out with the spiritual tools they need to live for Christ every day.


The Highlands School Formation Leadership Team are priests of the Legion of Christ and Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi who serve the entire school community by fostering in all a friendship with Christ and life of grace. Our chaplains focus especially on making the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist available on a regular and frequent basis. In addition, the FLT endeavor to be present to the spiritual needs of those in the Highlands community and to support the many spiritual and apostolic initiatives that arise in nearly every department and area of the school.

Fr Timothy

Fr. Timothy Wysocki


Mary Nuxoll

Mary Nuxoll

Part time Instructor of Formation

FR Jared

Fr. Jared Loehr

Lower and Middle School Chaplain

Dori Hangodi

Dori Hangodi

High School Instructor of Formation

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