The Highlands School is committed to working with families to help provide a Catholic education for their children. We seek a diversified student body, which brings to the school students with many different talents and experiences from a variety of socioeconomic, religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Tuition for the 2023-2024 School Year

Tuition and Fees
PreK3 & PreK4
Kindergarten- 5th grade
6th grade - 8th grade
9th grade- 12th grade
New Family Application Fee
Re- enrollment Fee
Technology Fee Kinder - 4th grade
Technology Fee 5th -12th grade
Graduation (12th grade)
International Students
$100 per student ($300 Family cap)
$50 per student
$250 per student
$5,000 along with full tuition within 10 days of enrollment

* Tuition increases annually. The cost for textbooks, lunch and school uniforms are the responsibility of parents. Participation in various school activities such as retreats, athletics, clubs, fine arts productions or band requires an additional fee.

Multiple-Student Tuition Discount

Discounts are available to families who have more than two children attending The Highlands School during a given academic year. The first and second child in the same family pay full tuition.  The third and fourth child receive a 15% discount.  Additional children pay no tuition.  When calculating tuition discounts, the children are considered in order from the highest grade to the lowest grade. Discounts do not apply to uniforms, meals, textbooks, or any other fees or activities that are not included in the tuition.  

Tuition Payment Plans

All families are required to utilize FACTS for payment of tuition, fees, athletic fees and misc. fees throughout the year.

Tuition paid in full within 10 days of enrollment to receive a 4% discount.
(Not applicable for international students.)
Equal monthly payments through December 31st.


The Highlands School follows a best practice model of tuition and philanthropy to educate every student because tuition alone does not cover the full cost of educating a student. In fact, revenue from tuition only covers about 85% of the costs to educate a student. Charitable gifts help fulfill the remaining balance, which in turn directly benefit each student by supporting and enriching all aspects of The Highlands School experience.  From innovative academic programming, to meaningful spiritual formation activities, to athletics, arts and even our financial aid program, your support is essential to advancing our mission.

We rely on 100% participation from our entire Highlands School community to ensure an academic advantage and nurturing environment for all students. Your support of our Annual Fund Drive, gala, and capital projects must be a philanthropic priority for your family. A large component of the strength and success of The Highlands School is the generosity and loyalty of our school community. We thank you in advance for your commitment and partnership, and the most important thing to remember is that every gift makes a difference.

Terrae Altae Scholarship

The Highlands School is pleased to offer $2,500 in scholarship to the top 8 Terrae Altae applicants. Applicants must be 8th grade students from Catholic schools in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who seek to enter 9th grade at The Highlands School.  These scholarships are renewable annually by maintaining grade and conduct expectations.

To be eligible, 8th grade students must have an “A” average or above for Seventh and Eighth Grades and complete the application requirements by the deadline. The scholarship is renewable yearly based on maintaining a 3.0 GPA and consistently receiving an “A” in conduct.

Interested students must submit an application for admission, Terrae Altae Cover Letter and application essay to the Office of Admissions at The Highlands School by January 20, 2023.


Brendan Behan Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Behan family is happy to offer one $2,500 annual scholarship to the top applicant.  Applicant can be any student who seeks to enter high school at The Highlands School from another parochial school, public school, or home school in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

This scholarship is renewable annually by maintaining good standings in academics and conduct.  Preference is given to those who are making an impact in their community.  To be eligible, please complete the application along with an essay by April 3rd, 2023.


Financial Aid

The Highlands School recognizes that a private education is a significant investment for families. We are committed to making The Highlands School education affordable to all qualified students to the extent that our resources allow. Accordingly, the school offers a financial aid program intended to help families who demonstrate financial need.  Financial aid is not available for pre-kindergarten students or international students.


Financial aid is given at the school’s discretion based on an assessment of the family’s financial need and on the availability of funds. Preference is given to families who have children already attending the school. While it is not possible to fulfill all financial aid requests, The Highlands School makes every effort to help as many families as resources allow. A student’s application for financial aid will have no bearing on a student’s application for admission. Once a student has been admitted to The Highlands School, financial aid must be applied for, determined, and renewed annually on the basis of the current demonstrated financial need against the funds available.

An application for financial aid must be submitted through FACTS online.  All applications are due by February 1, 2023, current families due January 20, 2023.  You will need your 2021 Tax Return and 2022 W2 as part of your documentation.

Tuition Loan Programs

The Highlands School does not partner with any particular loan company.  These listed are independent organizations that may be of assistance to families.


Entrance Exams

  • Kindergarten - 8th grade applicants scheduled through. Please email us at
  • 9th grade applicants must take the ISEE exam and schedule at local testing sites, (THS code: 443556).   
  • 10th - 12th grade applicants must provide either PSAT scores or the ISEE test scores.
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