Pre-K3 through 12th grade Co-ed Catholic College Preparatory School

Family life

The Highlands Family Life program seeks  to give every THS parents/family members continual connections, opportunities, experiences, and tools to be transformed by Christ to become and grow as an apostle (intentional disciple) and formator.  Acknowledging that parents are called to be the primary educators of their children, we seek to build parents up and partner with in them in the mission of THS, forming and educating children.

We are offer a variety of areas of growth and enrichment for your family: 


Our THS Parents´ Club supports the school in achieving its mission to provide integral formation to young people. The primary role is to assist and support the school in organizing and implementing school activities, projects, events, and fundraising projects. The secondary role is to bring school families closer together as a community through social, educational, and spiritual events. There are numerous committees to which parents are encouraged to lend their time and talents.

The primary role is to assist and support the school in organizing and implementing school activities, projects, events, and fundraising projects. The secondary role is to bring school families closer together as a community through social, educational, and spiritual events. There are numerous committees to which parents are encouraged to lend their time and talents.

Our community´s unique bond comes through this parent involvement. To learn about opportunities during the year, your main source will be the Blazer Blast, our school e-mail newsletter sent out each Friday, includes a wealth of information and news related to the school, as well as opportunities to contribute your time and talent. Also, you can check our school calendar where you will be able to find event details and links to register to volunteer. 

Please feel free to contact the Parents’ Club with any suggestions or questions.


At The Highlands School we seek to walk with our families in building their relationship with Christ wherever they are at in this relationship. As a Regnum Christi school (Regnum Christi is a Federation that drives the spirit and charism of the school), our educators are called to a lifelong search for truth, goodness, beauty and wisdom. We seek to foster the desire to communicate Christ’s love to others.

While membership in Regnum Christi is not a prerequisite for attending THS, as a Regnum Christi school we offer our families ways to grow in all elements of the charism to help them flourish as a person and in their faith.

Regnum Christi (Latin for “Kingdom of Christ”)

Regnum Christi (RC) is a Federation (within the Catholic Church) comprised of four vocations: Legionaries of Christ (the priestly congregation), Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi, Lay Consecrated Men of Regnum Christi and the Lay Members of Regnum Christi. Regnum Christi has a Christ-Centered spirituality that is lived together in communion with all members (all four vocations), in union with the whole Church, and through a mission to build the kingdom of Christ. This Federation, of which The Highlands School is part of; has an international network of 154 schools around the world. Our schools seek to educate Christian leaders with the tools to call out their full potential, capable of facing the challenges they will have in life and contributing to the good of their family and society.

Regnum Christi integrates five elements into the life of its members. 

Spiritual Life



Personal Accompaniment

Team Life

Spiritual Life

i. Reconciliation: Our school is blessed to have Legionaries of Christ (priests) assigned to our campus. There are scheduled times for the sacrament and by appointment.

ii. Mass is offered daily on campus during the school day.

iii.Periodically, all school Masses are offered during the school days.

Holy Hours: On a monthly basis our Consecrated Personnel host Holy Hours of Adoration (typically in the evenings) for our students. Parents are invited to attend.

Spiritual Exercises: The Regnum Christi locality periodically hosts three-day silent retreats designed to help participants grow in their relationship with Christ. These retreats are available to men and women. Details can be found at

These are hosted by the RC Locality and geared to specific audiences such as men, women and young adults.  Details can be found at and


These sessions, which are focused on personal growth and the practical application of the truths of our faith in our encounters with our students, are hosted by our Formation team. They are designed to enhance our ability to form students.

And Fellowship, each month the RC Locality hosts gender specific opportunities to dive deeper into personal formation through presentations and discussions. Both groups meet in a private room at a local restaurant.  Parents are encouraged to attend and need only contact one of our consecrated personnel to get placed on the mailing list for these events.

Both the School and the RC locality host forums for The Highlands Community. Our families are encouraged to participate. These forums are intended to expand knowledge of our faith and enable us to better follow God’s plan for our lives.


School community offers a number of opportunities.

Both the School and the RC Locality host missions to a variety of locations serving in a number of capacities. These Missions are typically designed to attract specific participants (i.e.; students, families and young adults) and are frequently to be timed to be compatible with the school year. Our families are highly encouraged to participate as these experience help their children step out of themselves and live the formation they have been given in school.

Our Challenge and Conquest programs frequently engage in apostolic projects that serve the broader DFW area. Our parents are invited to participate as Chaperones if they feel called.

Personal Accompaniment

Spiritual direction is deeply personal. It is help given by one Christian to another which enables that person to grow in intimacy with God. RC members (priests, consecrated women and lay) who are trained to provide spiritual direction, are available to our parents to help them learn to listen and respond to God’s personal communication.

The School leadership and the Formation team are committed to personally walking with the members of our team. They are available and willing to meet with parents to listen, to provide input, to answer questions and to address concerns a parent may have about their spiritual, personal or professional life… in a safe and secure environment. This can range from deep theological questions to simply requesting prayer intentions.

The RC Locality hosts monthly healing services which are available to our parents.

Team life

The RC Locality has formed and encourages the formation of gender based teams with the purpose of personal growth through a supportive team of likeminded individuals. Not only do these teams form a bond of accountability but they serve to challenge their members to always reach higher in living out their faith.

There are numerous Community events sponsored by the School. These include Festivals, Galas, Sporting Events, Musicals and are an excellent means of forming our School Community. We strongly encourage our families to participate in these activities.

In addition to our School Events, the broader RC Community hosts celebrations that our families are invited to. For example, each year RC hosts a Christ the King celebration which is the Feast Day most closely associated with the birth of Regnum Christi.