Pre-K3 through 12th grade Co-ed Catholic College Preparatory School


I have been blessed to be a member of The Highlands School family for 20 years. During that time, I have experienced THS as both a parent and an educator. As a new family, we timidly joined in lower school activities and discovered a large and welcoming community. My family began thinking of the school as a second home where we built lifelong friendships with other parents, students, faculty, and staff members. Over the years, we proudly watched our son, and his classmates grow from small children to young adults. As a group, we parents had a support team that guided us through playground squabbles, forgotten math books and last-minute carpool pickups. Whether in the classroom, sporting events, retreats or Parent’s Club activities, involvement in THS, introduced my family to a wide variety of people, who like me, felt called to serve the mission of our school. Together, the THS community builds a strong, faithful, positive partnership to educate and grow strong leaders who see value in virtue, commit to serving others and spreading God’s word.

Lori Saldi

THS Teacher-Parent