Pre-K3 through 12th grade Co-ed Catholic College Preparatory School

“Always higher”. That is the phrase I would use to sum up my experience at The Highlands School. Whether it was in that one hard class, or a volleyball game where the stakes were high, or even when you were just hanging out with friends in the coffee shop, this amazing school taught me no matter what you are doing or where you are, you should live a life dedicated to God. Living life to the full doesn’t always mean being the best at something but pushing yourself to be the best version of YOU. THS made sure to remind every single student that they should strive for higher because that is what living life to the full means. Not the fame or wealth but a life where God is the center of everything and that is exactly the reason this school is different. I never thought there would be a place on earth where you can meet new people, learn new things, and become a better version of yourself , all while keeping God on the pedestal of your heart, but my beautiful high school experience showed me that the The Highlands School is that place.Manuela Branco – Alumni- Class of 2022.

Manuela Branco

THS Alumni – Class of 2022