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Faith and Character at The Highlands School

Real integrity begins in the classroom. And integrity informed by faith builds a strong foundation for everyday learning. At The Highlands, teachers and staff work to maximize students’ God-given gifts, while encouraging spiritual and intellectual exploration in a variety of academic subjects and extracurricular activities. This diversity facilitates holistic growth.

Standard-setting Academics

Pre-kindergarten through high school, our teachers are focused on developing curious minds. In our preschool, our youngest learners are shaped through play and discovery. In the lower school, small class sizes foster trust and personal exploration. In the high school, academic rigor and advanced placement tracts encourage discipline and critical thinking. All along the way, teachers, staff and clergy support student development as a tight-knit community.


Individual Pursuits, Inspirational Growth

Character-building happens in and outside of the classroom, which is why The Highlands offers a wide variety of extracurricular clubs and athletics for all ages. Students interested in creative expression can explore art, music and literature. Those seeking team skills can join any number of sports. And inquisitive high schoolers can develop STEM skills on an entire floor devoted to those subjects. All of these programs contribute to a dynamic community for all students.

Community is Our Core

We have a clear and enthusiastic Catholic identity, yet we live it out in a way that families from other faiths feel at home. We are a school where families are celebrated, students are challenged and faith is lived. By volunteering in our classrooms or at after-school events, attending performances and games or engaging with our teachers and formation leadership team, we encourage our families to get involved and find community here.

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Academic Partnerships

Attending The Highlands School means joining an expansive learning community. In order to provide our students challenging and rewarding academic experiences, we have partnered with multiple higher learning institutions in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. These partnerships, including those with the University of Dallas and Texas A&M, offer exclusive access to international workshops, college-level courses and more, giving students a head start in their college careers.

University of Dallas
Texas A & M

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At The Highlands School, students acquire essential knowledge, learn classroom skills and deepen friendships at age-appropriate stages. Each level is designed to further develop students’ independence, working to nurture a lifelong love of learning as they prepare for college and beyond.

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